Plein Air Painting with American Artist Mary Hubley

Mary Hubley Studio

Contemporary Landscapes

Contemporary Impressionist to Semi-Abstract

Mary Hubley is a landscape painter who creates modern, dramatic paintings with soft edges. Her style moves between semi-abstract to loose contemporary impressionist.

Patterns of Nature

Room-with-leafcollectoin-smMary is known for her dreamy style coupled with dramatic composition. Her work starts with a strong basis in realistic outdoor plein air landscape studies that evolve in the studio to larger works marked by whimsical abstraction.

Mary Hubley’s landscape paintings are spectacular additions to contemporary spaces that need a boost of warmth and intimacy. They bring rejuvenating nature walks home with you to enjoy forever.

  • Contemporary Impressionism and Semi-Abstract
  • Very small 5 x 5 to very large 48 x 48
  • Soft and dramatic

Country House Study II 8 x 10 (c) Mary Hubley. Available.
Country House Study II – 8 x 10


Mary Hubley recently received first place in a Smithsonian Institution Waterways Plein Air exhibition, and her paintings have made their way into fine art collections all over the world. Her original art can be purchased through several fine galleries.