Mary Hubley Studio


Contemporary Landscapes

Mary Hubley concentrates on landscape paintings that are soft and modern, yet very much impressionistic through dramatic composition and soft edges. While some landscapes are considered semi-abstract, others are simply soft impressionistic representational paintings.

Still Life Toescapes – Patterns of Nature

Room-with-leafcollectoin-smWhile landscapes are what you see when you look out at the horizon, toescapes are what you see when you look down. They explore the hidden world at your toes.

Close up and tactile, toescapes are natural still life paintings of objects sitting at your feet – autumn leaves, beach rocks, seashells, soft mosses, and lily pads; precious keepsakes you might place in your pocket during a walk at the beach or in the woods.

Mary Hubley’s toescapes and landscapes are spectacular in contemporary spaces that need a boost of warmth and intimacy. They bring rejuvenating nature walks home with you to enjoy forever.

Mary Hubley PaintingsMary Hubley’s landscapes are soft and powerful. Drawing from her painting excursions outdoors, she is an award-winning plein air artist, creating outdoor landscapes several times a month. She recently received first place in a Smithsonian Institution Waterways Plein Air exhibition, and her paintings have made their way into fine art collections all over the world. Her original art can be purchased through several fine galleries. Browse through Mary’s landscape paintings, and contact her to buy a painting!