Fox and the Suitcases 12 x 16" © Mary Hubley
Maxfield Parrish Lantern Bearers

As a kid, I used to go with Mom to flea markets and collect all the Maxfield Parrish prints, art, and ephemera that I could find. I was a strange kid. My most treasured pieces in this collection are his books, The Arabian Knights and Poems of Childhood. Years ago, I saw his original works at a Brandywine River Museum show. I’d never realized how lackluster his prints were compared to his originals’ penetrating deep blues. While his color is amazing, the thing I love most about Maxfield Parrish’s works is his whimsy.

I have to thank Maxfield Parrish for my lifelong love of whimsical themes.

While I continue to paint coastal landscapes, I can’t help but occasionally delve into painting a bit of whimsy. Lately, I’ve jumped down that rabbit hole, literally, and have been painting lovely creatures enjoying time on the beach. Below are some brand new fantasy creatures: