Fox and the Suitcases 12 x 16" © Mary Hubley
Maxfield Parrish Lantern Bearers

I love whimsy. I used to go to flea markets as a young woman and buy all the Maxfield Parrish prints, art, and ephemera that I could find. My most treasured pieces in this collection are his books, The Arabian Knights and Poems of Childhood. I once went to a rare showing of his original works at the Brandywine River Museum, and found his original blues deep and penetrating; I’ve never seen an artist accomplish this (done by many layers of varnish and glazing techniques). And, of course, those whimsical themes are amazing.

I have to thank Maxfield Parrish for my lifelong love of whimsy.

While I continue to do my coastal landscapes, I can’t contain myself when I occasionally have the urge to do great paintings of whimsy. Lately, I’ve jumped down that rabbit hole, literally, and started painting woodland creatures enjoying time on the beach. Below are some brand new fantasy creatures: