Mary Hubley’s Upper Window painting, lower right inside, in American Art Collector Magazine

My, this painting is getting attention!

The National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society (NOAPS) gave this painting, “Upper Window” a lovely Award of Excellence in its 2018 Online International Exhibit, chosen out of 900 entries. I’m so proud of this piece! (blue painting at lower right)

Along with the award, NOAPS placed Upper Window in the July 2018 edition of American Art Collector Magazine. Imagine that! It’s on the news stand right now, so please go out and get a copy.

It’s the first time my work has been in this magazine, and I’m so excited! American Art Collector is sent to art collectors and galleries who are interested in, well, collecting. More than any other art-related magazine out there, I’ve always wanted to get into this magazine, because it is written specifically for art collectors, rather than most other art magazines that are geared to other artists.

Close up of Mary Hubley’s “Upper Window” in American Art Collector Magazine

Thanks so much, American Art Collector Magazine editors for creating such a beautiful space for my work! It looks amazing. And thank you NOAPS for the Award of Excellence! It’s such a boost to get this kind of recognition.

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— Mary Hubley


See also my blog post about this same painting, Upper Window, which won Honorable Mention in the Richeson75 2018 Landscape show.