Georgia Barn (c) Mary Hubley
Georgia Barn 20 x 16 (c) M. Hubely
Georgia Barn 20 x 16

When I drive any distance, I am easily side tracked. The world is just too interesting not to investigate. A couple of months ago, what would have been a long one-day trip to Lagerquist Gallery in Atlanta, took 3 days.

It was decided that a side trip to Savannah would be fun. Instead of using the interstate that would have gotten Hubby and I there a day earlier, we explored the back roads of rural Georgia. This state is a rustic fantasy land for artists. Rusty old shacks, wild grasslands, and rugged farms.

That’s where I found the reference for my new painting, “Georgia Barn.” A hot day, we stopped for gas and a bottle of water. This barn was just across the road, and I stayed long enough to take a few photos and a do quick sketch.

— Mary Hubley