Remember how wildly creative you were as a child?

Waveplay 12 x 12 (c) Mary Hubley
Waveplay 12 x 12

I am the grand architect of hundreds of sand castles. As a child, I would fill castle moats with magic sea water, protected by tiny sand crab dragons. I got wet and sandy, and soaked in the sunshine. I still do. Now, I often paint children building sandcastles by the sea, reliving that wild childhood creativity with every brushstroke.

What about you? What did you create as a child? Are you still creating, or were you one of those kids who were forced to put away their shovels and beach buckets so they could do schoolwork and grow up?

Now, you embrace your adult self. You’re pretty good at this adult thing. But don’t you crave your childlike creative genius sometimes? Wouldn’t you love to try it again?

It’s a problem being an adult

But it’s not that easy. A child creates by just starting – he picks up a crayon and writes a poem or does a drawing. An adult is distracted. You are compelled to analyze why you’re doing it, how it will make money, how you’ll get published, or whether it’s good enough for a gallery.

A child doesn’t think this way. He plays. He just creates for the sheer joy of creating.

The secret? Stop being an adult. Use yoga techniques if it helps – close your eyes for a few minutes, take long deep breaths, and put aside that brain chatter. Give yourself permission to pick up a crayon, paintbrush, or writing journal. Your goal is simply to play. Do it and then forget it – like sandcastles washed away by the evening tide. Tomorrow, do it again.

— Mary Hubley

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