Rabbit and the Dragonfly 6 x 6″ (c) Mary Hubley.

I find that from time to time, I need to break from my traditional landscapes to just play. To try something different that feeds my muse. These breaks pull me into alternate universes and frenzies of whimsy. So, with my paintbrush in hand, I’m jumping down the rabbit hole again, to let my muse sing and dance, fight the queen of hearts and play chess with the Cheshire cat. These play times are utter madness. They result in unexpected treasures. And I love it.

This time, I’m starting to explore worlds where foxes float on sea breezes and llamas balance on the edge of teacups. I am still painting in my style. My loose energy. But I’m giving into my muse for a while as I am entertained in the world of the impossible.


— Mary