rowboat on a rocky beach oil painting by mary hubley
dinghy rowboat painting
Low Tide Boat 9 x 12″ © Mary Hubley

My father always owned boats. Growing up, I’d be his first mate when he went deep sea fishing for bluefish several miles off the Jersey shore. During winters, I spent weekends at the boat yard in Somers Point getting ready for fishing season, scraping old flaking paint off the bottoms of his wooden boats, and painting them with thick blue oil paint.

Painting Fine Art Boats

I still paint boats, but now I paint them on canvas. The best subjects are boats  that are well seasoned; those that are sitting on drydock, getting fixed and prepped with new paint and repairs. They are scraped and dented old things that smell like fish and wet bologna sandwiches. If they  could talk, they’d tell tall tales of high seas adventures, hurricanes they’d lived through, and monster fish they’d helped catch.

Memories of my sweet saltwater childhood give my boat paintings life. Things that you have deep connections with as an artist are inspired by pure magic. My most recent paintings are little dinghies at the beach; rowboats and skiffs smaller and less powerful than Dad’s. While they can’t wrestle deep sea monster fish, they still have small tales of their own.