Drydock St. Augustine (c) Mary Hubley

St. Augustine is such a great place to live! I paint outside once a week during the cooler season, with a lively group of other artists. And, once a year, the St. Augustine Art Association has a week-long plein air event. This year, 70 artists participated.

Plein Air St. Augustine, The Video

The video below was taken during the event. Here I am. Gushing. I’m pretty much always this enthusiastic about all things art. It’s a quick 42-second video – so click on it, smile and watch.

I was painting on St. Augustine’s Aviles Street, in front of the galleries that have taken over this part of the old city. I literally don’t have to travel more than 5 miles to get brilliant painting spots. Even after living here for 20 years, I can always find something new to paint.

St. John’s Cultural Council did a great write-up and interviewed me and another artists, Paul Ladiner. Read the entire interview here: https://www.historiccoastculture.com/plein-air/.

Click to read the full interview from the St. Johns Cultural Council