Upper Window (c) Mary Hubley
Upper Window 16 x 20 Richeson Gallery, Kimberley, WI

Honorable Mention: Richeson75 Landscape, Seascape & Architecture 2018

Yay! My wonderful “Upper Window” won honorable mention in this important international art show! So excited! Such an honor.

“The play of colors in the shadows and the white toned building is what I love about this painting. This artist understands the use of warm and cool colors and leading the eye through a painting with sharp and lost edges.”
-Juror Michelle Richeson

Thank you soooo much, Michelle!

Mary Hubley with Honorable Mention “Upper Window” at the Richeson Gallery

A Quick Trip to Richeson Gallery

How could I resist attending the artist’s reception? Dan and I jetted up. At that point, I had no idea I was getting an award. They called my name. Honorable Mention. Me? With all the awesome artists who were accepted into the show? I smiled. A lot.

During dinner, I sat with the venerable Jack Richeson, the founder of the Richeson Company (known best for manufacturing quality art materials). Mr. Richeson is a generous story teller who shared delightful memories of his friendship with artist Zoltan Szabo. Richeson Gallery has a permanent collection of over 200 Szabo originals – stop and see it if you’re ever in the Kimberly Wisconsin area.

What made this quick trip the best, though, was a visit with daughter Elizabeth and friend Elicia, who live close by. We all toured Door County that weekend – an artist’s haven! We had bonfires, Swedish meatballs for breakfast, and lots of exotic cheese. We breathed in the sweet rain of the North, and came back refreshed and ready to paint again.

Thanks, Richeson Gallery, for giving me a valuable excuse to come visit! And for all my readers – please stop to see this amazing landscape show – it’s up until early August.┬áSee the show online by clicking here: Richeson75 Landscape 2018

– Mary Hubley


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