Tybee Island Plein Air Workshop

Painting and Teaching

I paint and I teach. Not because I have to, but because I can’t help myself. I love it. There’s nothing better than sharing my world with a welcome audience of enthusiastic artists.

Art Genius

Every artist possesses something unique, whether they’ve painted all their lives or have just picked up a brush for the first time. Everyone starts out with simple potential. And everyone is capable of brilliance. The path to that brilliance is through investing hundreds of hours of time into practice and learning.

Investing in yourself means taking an occasional workshop for a boost.

Tybee Island Workshop Artists – We don’t look tired, but I bet we all slept well after the last day!

I welcomed a group of very talented artists to my recent Tybee Island, Georgia workshop. They came ready to work hard and take home new ideas and inspiration.

These artists are already successful; most of them actively show and sell their work. Yet, they understood that a workshop could advance their on-going practice.

Our workshop painted the lighthouse, shrimp boats, and Tybee beach. Exhausting, and  exuberant. But motivated. The art workshop is part of the practice of life-long learning. Best of all, it’s fun.